Ireland is about the craic, or fun conversation that is exchanged among locals. It is about being mesmerized by traditional Irish music in local pubs. Or, get charmed by the incredibly friendly and witty people. The country offers many versions of landscapes so green that you feel they are treasured photographs. Visit the Cliffs of Moher and admire these transfixing views. And most importantly, Ireland possesses incredible links and parkland golf courses that can vary along the seas, near cities and by mountains.

Fun is the word to describe Irish golf. The rain and wind can try to dampen the soul but once you have played at storied courses like Lahinch, Ballybunion, Carne, Enniscrone, Waterville, Tralee and Old Head the weather is forgotten. All that remains is for you to excitedly tell your friends that they need to get over to the Emerald Isle and tee it up. They will not be disappointed. And, the Guinness tastes way better over there!

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  • Dublin

    One of the world's liveliest cities, there's been a buzz about Dublin for centuries. While some tales of the city and its residents are cliched, many ring true. Dubliners are a friendly, talkative bunch, partial to frequenting the city's one thousand…
  • West Coast

    The West Coast of Ireland is at once rugged and welcoming. Here is your opportunity to play some of the most dramatic and well loved golf courses in the world, with historic names like Ballybunion and Lahinch. Fly into Shannon airport and enjoy a short drive to memorable courses.

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