There are over 800 golf courses in Ontario from Ottawa to the Niagara region. Let us help you narrow your choices.

The Briars is an Ontario lakeside resort located in the Jackson's Point area of Georgina, Ontario. The Briars Golf Club opened in 1922 and was designed by the renowned designer Stanley Thompson. The golf club is a private club and the only way to play it is through the Briars Resort. It's a great place to spend time while in Ontario.

Niagara Parks Golf
Dramatically situated next to the mighty Niagara Whirlpool or bordering the historic grounds of the 1814 Battle of Chippawa, Niagara Parks Golf Courses feature challenging designs by renowned golf architects. Legends on the Niagara features 45 holes of golf designed by Douglas Carrick and Thomas McBroom. Whirlpool Golf Course, designed by the famed architect Stanley Thompson, remains one of Canada's most highly rated and renowned public golf courses.

The Niagara Parks Commission
From its establishment in 1885, the Niagara Parks Commission has provided the stewardship of Canada's number one attraction at no cost to the taxpayer. From award winning preservation efforts to world-renowned attractions that enhance the visitor’s experience, Niagara Parks welcomes over 10 million visitors annually to its parklands.

Whirlpool Golf Course Whirlpool Golf Course

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