Canada offers sensational golf coast to coast and per capita, there are more golfers in this country than anywhere else in the world. With deers, big horn sheep and even bears you may have to wait to play through but there is so much to see, it's worth the wait.

Canada needs to be explored from coast to coast. From Nova Scotia — it means New Scotland— you will discover many cultures with strong Celtic and Acadian heritages, a coastal playground with bagpipes and seafood. To British Columbia, our own adventure playground. During Nunavut's Sprint Festival play ice golf, hitting your fluorescent ball across the sea ice. There is so much to inspire, explore and experience in Canada.

Canadians are almost as passionate about their golf (over 6 million play the game) as their hockey. Being the second largest country in the world, there are many ideal venues in Canada for your perfect golf adventure.

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More Details by Region

  • Alberta

    Some of our more than 250 courses are downright unusual. Picture this one: standing on the top of a butte, you notice that both sides of the fairway plunge to the canyon floor below. A panorama of striped canyons and surreal rock formations unfolds before…
  • New Brunswick

    New Brunswick is on the East Coast of Canada, right above Maine and beside Quebec. Some people think it's the best thing about the East Coast, and of course they're right. Made up of five diverse regions, New Brunswick has the ocean, beaches, mountains,…
  • British Columbia

  • Nova Scotia

  • Ontario

    The Briars is an Ontario lakeside resort located in the Jackson's Point area of Georgina, Ontario. The Briars Golf Club opened in 1922 and was designed by the renowned designer Stanley Thompson. The golf club is a private club and the only way to play it is through the Briars Resort. It's a great place to spend time while in Ontario.
  • Prince Edward Island

    Pure golf heaven. Whether you're a beginner, a regular player, or dreaming of turning professional, you'll find just the right course, and fees lower than you might expect. Prince Edward Island is Canada's smallest province, so you're never far from beaches, restaurants, theatre, or any of our 33 stunning courses.

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