The thought of golf in Italy...

Many people raise their eyebrow when Italy is mentioned as a golf destination. A quizzical look transforms into curiosity. This is a common reaction; one that turns to question. Why would I do that?

Well, it's a win-win scenario for those that find it difficult to justify a golf trip to Italy. You may not want to golf every day in Italy as there is so much to this incredible country. Italy will appeal greatly to couples. And with Milan hosting Expo 2015 from May 1 to October 31, 2015 there is another compelling reason to visit this historical country. We would like to suggest a new category of "“a trip with golf”" rather than a golfing trip.

With never enough time to spend in brilliant places like Florence, Lake Como, Rome, Venice and Verona you must squeeze the maximum amount of enjoyment. Enjoy the local cuisine, explore the architecture, visit the amazingly ancient ruins of the coliseum. And there is the wine, the fantastic vino. This is Italy.

Join us for a trip with golf or if you like, a golfing trip. Either way you will treasure such a trip to Italy. Call Athlone Golf and Sports Travel so we can start the conversation and plan your Italian getaway. There is something in Italy for everyone, that is not open to debate. And it now can include wonderful golf.

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