A volcanic island in the North Atlantic Ocean, east of Greenland and immediately south of the Arctic Circle.

Have you thought about a different kind of golf; on the island of amazing Iceland? This Nordic country loves its golf and possesses 65 courses for a population of only 325,000. It would be an excellent adventure.

Players could visit Iceland while on a stopover, going to or from the UK or Ireland. Maybe compete in the 36-hole Arctic Open with Icelanders and visitors alike. Wouldn't it be neat to tee it up for midnight golf; effectively in June & July there is light for the whole 24-hour period. Volcanoes, geysers, waterfalls, glaciers and breathtaking golf. Iceland is a unique destination that offers pristine nature, breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture. It could be the most unique experience of your life

There are 65 golf courses throughout the country whereas 17 of them are 18 hole golf courses and 50 are 9 hole golf course, all of them are available to visitors. In Greater Reykjavík area there are 10 golf courses whereas 5 of them are 18 hole courses and 5 are 9 hole courses. The golf season in Iceland generally runs from late May to early September. Discover Iceland for all it has to offer.

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