We have categorized our golfing destinations into distinct groups.

The traditional destinations are those we are familiar with and are known golfing meccas. Rising stars are those countries that are now entering the golfing fray and look forward to welcoming new visitors. Exotic destinations are those places we often dream about; and now golf is part of these glorious locales. We've also added the grouping called "off the beaten track" as courses and destinations which you may not know about but should. We feel these selections will provide a new perspective to your enjoyment of golf.

More Details by Destination Type

  • Traditional Destinations

    Traditional destinations often ooze history and are mentioned fondly by your golfing cohorts along with popular magazines in the sport. Of course, they start with the exhilarating and sometimes confounding but always challenging links golf found in…

  • Exotic Destinations

    One often thinks of exotic destinations as somewhere warm and far away but Athlone believes exotic destinations means more than that. We believe it refers to the unusual or unexpected destinations; those not "expected" for golf.

    Imagine a visit…