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We are a boutique operation in Canada catering to the golfing community.

As a Canadian golf tour operator, we believe it's not just the golf that makes your trips truly great. Our goal is to provide the guidance to make sure your trip is exceptional. We are golfers, we love to travel and we know there are more possibilities for your golf trips than there are clubs in the bag. Every component counts and we're here to make sure there is nothing missed. We ask the right and important questions to ensure that you receive the golf trip you expect. Let us inspire you by having us create a grand adventure that will remain etched in your mind.

We invite you to explore the incredible traditional and exotic destinations available to you through Athlone Golf & Sports. You wont find "packages" or prices here as we want to talk to you to find out exactly what you want. If you have any questions or if you would like to discuss your ideas, please call us at +1.250.864.4051. You can also email us at . And please, ask us about arranging your secret trip!

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“All in all, the trip went perfect and I would like to thank you both sincerely for looking after Fred & Lizanne in such a professional and personal way.”
∼Tobs, Owner of Kenya Golf Safaris, Jul 2017
“Wayne and his team made it all work out perfectly”
∼John Jun 2016
“thank you and your team for putting together a great Scotland trip”
∼Guy Sep 2016
“Tobs Team has pleasure to inform you that Fred and Lizanne’s trip went flawless.”
∼Tobs, Owner of Kenya Golf Safaris, Jul 2017
“I wouldn't hesitate to use your services again or recommend them to anyone looking for a quality golf trip”
∼Guy Sep 2016
“we used Athlone Golf and Sports and they were outstanding!”
∼Don Aug 2017
“Athlone can create unique, personalized itineraries tailored to you. Highly recommend!”
∼Don Aug 2017
“It was A+!”
∼Tobs, Owner of Kenya Golf Safaris, Jul 2017
“we will certainly ask for your services again”
∼Tobs, Owner of Kenya Golf Safaris, Jul 2015

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British Columbia

More than you could hope...
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The Okanagan has more than fifty 18-hole courses which meander past lakeside vineyards, across canyons and through dramatic desert landscapes! Or maybe visit one of four of the world’s best mountain courses at Whistler. B.C. will take your breath away every visit you make.

Special Events

Ever want to see the Ryder Cup in person...
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Check out our special events page to formulate your trips to the famed, professional golf events as well as other sporting events like Wimbledon or the Super Bowl.


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Read about thoughts, insights, reviews and other interesting golf related topics and stories.

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